Do I need a gambling software licence?

It’s clearly important to research whether an entity requires a gambling software licence to avoid commission of a criminal offence. At Keystone Law, we regularly advise remote gambling clients about these situations and if necessary, we are experienced in submitting applications for gambling software licences. Often these licence applications are combined with casino host licences or more general remote gambling licences. Operators also can find themselves under investigation by the Gambling Commission for not having a gambling software licence or for purchasing gambling software from an unlicensed entity. we will assist altogether of those situations, as experienced gambling law solicitors.

If you need assistance with gambling software licensing, please contact Richard Williams within the Keystone Law gambling sector team for legal advice using the below details.

The Commission considered gambling-specific application software to fall within the definition. This includes software utilized in virtual event sites , virtual event control, bet capture/matching, settlement, random number generation and gambling transaction records.

The advice note states that “in the Commission’s view, the aim of gambling software licensing is to make sure that those manufacturing software which may impact on the fairness of remote gambling do so during a regulated environment. At its core this generally means the software that accepts and records gambling transactions, determines the result, calculates and allocates any wins to the customer’s account. it might not include software developed more generally for associated activities like performance analytics, affiliate and CRM management.”

Casino games are one of the best adult entertainments that we have now. Players enjoy their time in gambling platforms from whenever they want. Accessibility and innovative features of those games make them a perfect fit for most people. Not many people consider gambling software as crucial as casino games for the success of the platform. However, it is almost impossible to perform your ideas without properly functioning gambling software and build a great casino platform. In this article, we will mainly focus on the best sides of casino gambling software and try to differentiate various kinds of it while providing you with the pros and cons of utilizing each option. So, let’s start by quickly defining the term.

The casino software is a system that allows operators to provide online gambling experience for users through online platforms. Players are not directly using casino software, but this system controls almost all of the online casino website’s necessary aspects. Without owning one, you cannot imagine running an online casino business. The functionality of the online casino platform solely depends on the software.

There are multiple types of casino software solutions. As a whole, we can divide them into three major parts. The first one is downloadable, the second is instant-play, and the last one is mobile gambling apps. All these systems have their advantages and disadvantages for users. Depending on your business’s needs and the type of product that you are going to provide, you can choose either one or two of them in advance.

There are thousands of casino software providers in the market. The experience and reputation for them are different. Some of them are multi-billion companies such as Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, and Novomatic. These types of brands came to the industry around three decades ago, and that fact helped them to build a loyal fan base and an excellent reputation. Besides them, there are other considerably smaller brands such as Amatic, Vegas7Games, Flamingo7, Dragonfish, etc. The online casino software is a demanded product, which leads to the competitiveness in the industry. These brands are trying to outscore their opponents by following the recent trends and developing innovative solutions that have never been seen or used before. As we went through the basics of casino software, let’s dive deeper and discuss its importance for any gambling website.

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