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Sweepstakes are used as an advertising or promotional tactic through which incentives or prizes are given by drawing a winner. Just by playing, you’re entered to win. Customers don’t purchase entries into the “game” or “sweepstakes”. Instead, they purchase time on a computer, or in some past cases, long-distance phone time. When customers buy one among those products, they’re given free entries into the sweepstakes.

To achieve sweepstakes, you would like alittle initial investment – a minimum of $500 wont to purchase game points and software with many promotional tools and a spread of games. We’ve put together a guide in a piece of writing titled “How to settle on the simplest Sweepstakes Software”.

We’ve got some great news for you, our software is FREE. We only charge for the credits that you simply got to use in our system. we will discuss volume discounts once you start . There also are no upfront or ongoing maintenance costs. you simply pay us as you employ the software and once you succeed.

Below you’ll find the turnover/commission rate breakdown. the upper the turnover created – the lower percentage in commissions you’ll pay. The commission percentage varies between 12-25% counting on the sales volume you’ve created.

You will want to settle on games which will appeal to your target customer base. we’ll work with you to make sure that your game library will keep your customers engaged and returning for more. We currently have approximately 70 games in HD, including a good sort of styles and themes which will suit any player… and our catalog is usually growing!

We developed our sweepstakes software by partnering with real business people to understand their unique needs and concerns. Hence, PlayRiverSlot provides 24/7 technical support because it can be challenging for business owners to understand the problem or find free time to solve it. Sure, our team will accompany you during the installation and set-up process, as well as offering small training to use the system. Yet, we are also a call away whenever you face a technical problem in your business. Our experienced technicians are ready to visit your location and help you deal with it most conveniently without interrupting your business operations. While we do our best to minimize technical problems, we are always at your side if you face one.

Our professional team will make the software ready to run in a very short time. All you have to do is contact us immediately and start the negotiations. Once we agree, your business will be ready to operate in a blink of an eye.

It is not uncommon that customers quit enjoying sweepstakes because the experience gets complex and confusing instead of being relaxing and rewarding. Many software providers do not pay attention that their games do not provide the ease their targets are looking for. Hence, we put extra attention to improve the functionality of the game. We lead players directly to the relaxing experience and help them to enjoy it effortlessly.

Functionality is not exclusive to the users. It also benefits the business owners and managers through our easy-to-understand reporting tool. Only in a few taps, you can generate valuable insights and assess the performance of your business. Create daily reports and find out busiest times, most loyal clients, best performing sweepstakes, etc.

Sweepstakes are popular partially due to their attractive visuals and engaging graphics. The colourful and bright elements are able to ‘hypnotize’ the players and keep them playing for a longer time. Therefore, our qualified and creative software designers put a lot of hard work to create a real-life-like experience where players feel like in a real casino while playing the games. We design high-quality graphics to give your business a competitive advantage over other rivals with old and blurry visuals. Our sweepstakes software takes the players to far and bright worlds where they keep playing and coming back to your place for more.


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