Sweepstakes machines Schrenko was thought to be running for governor

Sweepstakes machines Schrenko was thought to be running for governor, and therefore the State Board of Education, appointed by her enemy, Governor Roy Barnes, was at her throat and people of her staff a day , holding monthly meetings that were partisan blood lettings and torture of education employees. Barnes, who became referred to as “King Roy,” began to push his political appointees to secure federal education funds for the shadow government he was building.
The Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education told Temple to carry firm against any diversion and promised prosecution of misused funds. She repeated this to Temple and Schrenko ahead of U.S. Secretary Rod Paige. A mole for Barnes within the Georgia Department was escorted from the building and promptly appointed as Barnes’ education czar. Temple’s phone rang off the hook almost daily with pleas for help from other agencies who said that Barnes was seizing control of everything in Georgia–appointing super directors to bypass agency heads, the legislature, and constitutionally elected officials. State police–roads and bridges–the port authority– the department of transportation—it was empire building on a huge scale. State troopers warned Schrenko to take care on the road lest she be jailed by troopers who were within the enemy camp.

How Ron Harris Cheated In Sweepstakes Machines?

In the early 1990s, there was an online casino software designer who worked for Nevada Gaming. That person was Ron Harris, who shocked the world after taking thousands of dollars from slot machines through his tactics. Ron was a sweepstakes software designer who has more capabilities for coding the sweepstakes machines again and again while adding new features to the game. He used his skills and position for changing the codes of slot machines and enabled his friends and coworkers to earn huge jackpots through those modified slot machines.

The main trick that Ron used was about the sequence of coins. He re-coded the software and made a machine to pay out the jackpot whenever the coin sequence was happening as Ron planned. According to CNN reports, Ron managed to cheat on at least 30 custom slot machines that helped him to get thousands of dollars. Eventually, police caught him in 1996 after one of his accomplices was found while trying to rig a keno game in Atlantic City Casino. So, Ron went to jail for slot cheating and illegal gambling and stayed there for seven years. 

Fake Slot Machine Coins

sweepstakes machines

The man who became popular for his iconic nickname-“the Coin” was Louis Colavecchio. He utilized fabricated coins in sweepstakes machines and earned over thousands of dollars without spending a dime in real money. Police arrested Louis in Atlantic City in 1997, and they found around 700 pounds of fake coins in his car. Province Journal reports that after completing his two years sentence in prison, Louis returned to jail again in 2018. Even at 76 years old, the main was able to create fake hundred dollar bills and rig slot machines in Rhode Island. 

Is It Possible To Cheat On Every Casino Game?

It is one of the main questions that come up to mind while we are talking about the most popular gambling scandals till now. There are some examples of the people who were able to rig online casino games and get away with millions of dollars. So, what are those casino games, and who were those people?

John Kane And Andre Nestor’s Journey

John Kane was a fanatic video poker player who got 500.000 dollars by using the simple trick that he discovered while playing. He was mainly playing on the same video poker machine at that time. One day, John noticed that there is a glitch in punters, and they can give out the same handout after every jackpot win. John used a tactic that was based on the wagering amount. Kane wagered only one cent on each round, and as soon as the jackpot came out, he bet the maximum.

Casino bosses noticed the success of the man and his friend Andre Nelson. So, they thought that those customers are cheating and rigging the games. Though, federal prosecutors did not feel like that. Both men got away with thousands of dollars after the lawsuit resulted in their favor. The attorney said that both John and Andre did the same thing, which was pushing the button in a sequence, and that was perfectly legal.


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